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Marcus Dixon Shows the World

In 2003 an 18-year old Marcus Dixon had sex with 15-year old Kristie Brown, a white girl. Marcus Dixon is black, from rural Georgia. Marcus was charged with six counts: rape, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, sexual battery, statutory rape and aggravated child molestation. He was found not guilty of four of the six. The Jury clearly believed that the sex was consensual. He was however charged with statutory rape and aggravated child molestation because he was 18 and she was 15.

The Jury did not know when they handed down the aggravated child molestation charge that it carried with it a mandatory 10 year sentence. A teen aged Marcus Dixon was sent to prison for 10 years for having consensual sex with a teenage girl.

Dixon was welcomed into the home of his god parents, Ken and Peri Jones, a white couple that Marcus met through sports when he was a child. Peri believes that Marcus was charged with the rape and molestation charges because of the institutional racism that is ingrained in the judicial system of the deep south. She feels that the prosecution knew that Marcus was not guilty of rape, but so wanted their conviction that they wrongly accused him of those crimes to assure a conviction.

Atlanta based corporate attorney David Balser took up the fight to free Marcus, and led the appeal pro bono. 15 months into his 10 year sentence Marcus was released from prison.

Marcus was given a full scholarship to Hampton University where he was a three year captain on the football team and never had an off-field incident in four years.

Marcus was ranked as the 26th or 27th best defensive lineman out of about 150 that were ranked for last weekends draft.

Marcus was not drafted, but hours after the draft ended he was offered a three year 1 million dollar non-guaranteed contract by the Dallas Cowboys. Marcus will attend mini-camp next weekend with the Cowboys.

Kristie Brown is a cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly. This case highlights an inherent racism that is alive an well in America today. This issue has come to light again in recent months. First with the Vanity Fair cover that displayed LeBron James in an pose that was clearly an allusion to fear inducing images that were used in the past

Senator Hillary Clinton played on this same sort of fear with her now famous “3 am” ad that she used to such success. In the ad a young, blond girl is shown sleeping and an ominous voice states that it is “3 am and your children are asleep” the imagery brings to mind immediately the pre-emancipation fear of white slave owners that their slaves were going to break free their bonds and rape and murder their children in the night. This fear was used by southern slave owners as a basis why it was necessary to continue the peculiar institution for fear of black retribution.

It is this fear of dark scary men that has fueled the controversy surrounded the “inflammatory” comments made by the reverend Jeramiah Wright. Images of black men yelling about the actions of our government, and “God Damn America!” scare the hell out of a majority of white Americans.

This institutionalized fear has been a part of this country since the first Portuguese slave ships reached the Eastern shores of Virginia in the early 1500s. Marcus Dixon was a victim of this fear.

The NFL Draft

There was a time in my life where the weekend of the NFL Draft was as good as a holiday weekend to me. I would spend the previous season watching more college football than any human was ever meant to consume. I would watch the Senior Bowl practices, review the results from the Scouting Combine, and analyze the pre-draft rankings.

There was a time when I would watch all 18 hours of coverage. I would take notes on which teams drafted which players, where they went to school and how they graded out. I would then spend hours creating and editing every player and detail on Madden for Play Station. It would literally take me hours.

I watched about an hour of the draft this year and was decidedly disinterested. I don’t know if it was that my Buccaneers had a boring pick (20th), or the top players just were not that exciting. But for whatever reason, the draft just did not interest me. Maybe it has to do with the retirement of my favorite player, Mike Alstott, and my inability to latch onto anyone else.

I have had a weird relationship with the NFL for years. I do not like the Buccaneers coach (John Gruden), so I am not all that interested in them. I play fantasy football, but am no where near the savant that I am when it comes to fantasy baseball. Maybe it was my years of playing football, watching so much film, thinking about it non stopped, year round, that I have just sort of grown away from it.

Maybe it was the birth of Aviendha, or the fact that the Bucs, and Penn State are clearly mediocre and not getting any better, but I just do not care that much. This comming from the guy who watches literally 5-6 baseball games a week start to finish.

Keep Moving Those Goal Posts Hil

I wrote this on February 20th on my Myspace Blog:

I was having a political discussion with some (who I thought liked talking about politics with me, but it turns out, I was actually driving them crazy)… and they made the comment that Hillary and Obama are almost identical on matters of policy.

This person was using this as a defense of Hillary, I actually took it to be a condemnation of her candidacy. If they are so similar when it comes to politics, you have to look other places for the differences.

It is in these differences that Obama becomes so obviously the better choice.

(Some of) The criticisms of the Bush administration have been…

A failure to plan ahead

Fiscal irresponsibility

An inability to surround himself with qualified people

An infuriating arrogance, specifically in areas of foreign policy, more specifically in Iraq, pre and post INVASION/OCCUPATION

among other Fuckery

What is so telling about the Clinton Campaign is that they have demonstrated many of these same characteristics.

Hillary poorly planned, or surrounded herself with people who poorly planned her campaign.

She ASSUMED that by the time February 5th rolled around, she would be the presumptive candidate. Because of this arrogant assumption, the campaign spent little to no money in states whose primaries were held after the Super Tuesday votes.

It was because of this that the Clinton Campaign found themselves in such financial peril that Hill had to write her campaign a 5 Million Dollar Check from her own money. (another aspect of this fact bothers me, it seems that Campaigns in a money crunch will take what ever money they can get from whom ever, this is exactly how oil companies end up writing national energy policy).

The Clinton Campaign has also suffered from a ton of in fighting recently. Clinton’s top advisers have had major disagreements as to how the Campaign would be run. This infighting has led to the resignation of a few of her top people.

If a Presidential Campaign is a metaphor for how one will run the country, how a candidate will organize, finance, and run the country once elected, I would say these things speak volumes.

In a Campaign where the candidates are so similar politically, we have to look to other factors to judge who is best suited to run our country.

And why are those on the Right screaming for Huck to step aside and let McCain focus on his battle with the Democrats, but no such argument is being made on the Left. In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, but you are reading this so you must be mildly interested in what I think, it is just about time for Hill to bow out respectfully and allow the the Democratic Party to rally around our candidate. (March 4th can’t come soon enough).

I was trying to point out, way back then, how similar her campaign has been to the failed administration of our current president. I was trying to draw comparisons in order to make a point.

She continues to make my point for me. The constant changing of the goals of her campaign mirror exactly the constantly morphing explanations for why we went into Iraq, and why we cannot get out now.

Every reason that Hillary cites for why she needs to stay in this race, has, with time, been proven to be either a strait up lie (“winning” Texas) or based on a completely false premise (leading the popular vote count, which she is not).

This compares exactly to the Bushco explanations for A. why we went into Iraq in the first place (WMD, remove Saddam, fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here, WMD, Sunni extremists, Iranian extremist, OIL….etc) and B. Why we cannot get out now(WMD, Sunni extremists, Iranian extremist, OIL….etc)

I was watching Hillary speak the other day, and I seriously felt the type of anger that I usually reserve for only W and Michael Kay.

Three Officers Acquitted

In the Trial of Three NYPD officers and the 50 shots they unloaded on Sean Bell outside of a strip club in NYC.


My natural reaction to this story, as it often is, is to sympathize with the victim until testimony or evidence proves the facts to be on the contrary (as happened with the Duke lacrosse team, I was dead wrong).

I cannot help but find the story of the defendants to be as full of holes as Sean and his friends bodies when they were done with them. Violence in urban areas in an issue, there is no arguing that point. But a drugged up, mentally ill, gun happy police force is not the answer to that problem.

I can already hear the arguments: “what was he doing in a strip club the night before his wedding, he got what he deserved.” It is this type of Blame-The-Victim, right wing media spin, fueled by Bill O’Rielly and his ilk that sickens me.

Comments are Welcome

I was thinking earlier today that I write these things, and I represent exactly 50% of the comments on this site.

Now, I know someone is reading because I added the nifty counter on the bottom of the page, and I do not represent all 230-ish views on this page.

I write mostly about baseball and politics as these are two of the many things that occupy my brain. I do most of my more personal, or parenting writing at http://www.myspace.com/terrygilmore1

I seriously enjoy comments though, as it gives me a chance first of all to see who the hell is reading this, and second of all to see what people think and discuss and what not.

There are many things I think I know, and there are many things I know I know. One of the things I know I know is that I do not know everything, and I seriously love to be challenged, or disagreed with.

What I am trying to say is, I am going to continue to write this, even if no one is reading, but I think someone is reading so let me know what you think.

Some Baseball Updates

I have been going a little light on the baseball talk for a few reasons. My head has been occupied mostly by thoughts of the Democratic Primary. I have still found the time to watch way too much baseball, but seeing as I don’t get paid to write this, I only have so much time during the day to write, I stick to what is really grinding my gears (in Peter Griffin’s voice).

But a few quick thoughts on the baseball season. I am not panicing about players who are not performing, or teams who are playing way over their heads. Baseball is a really, really long season and a lot of these things tend to sort themselves out. The problem is, it is April and there is a small sample size, and people need something to talk about. So when David Ortiz is hitting less than half his weight (.177) less than a month into the season I dont tend to panic.

I do however think there are some trends that can be spotted this early.

There is no way that the Marlins are going to be in first place come seasons end. It simply is not going to happen. The Mets have played mediocre to this point, which wouldn’t be so worrisome if they had not look a hell of a lot like this for the majority of last season.

It may be time to start the countdown on Willie Randolph. I do not think he is the right manager for this team. I have felt this way since 2006..
He is way to relaxed, allowing “the game” to work itself out. Which is fine, except this team suffered the greatest (regular season) collapse in the history of baseball (sorry Yankees, you still hold the record for the worst choke job ever) Carlos Delgado looks more and more like a former steroid user who can not figure out how to be 36-year old former power hitter with no power.

The Braves and Phillies are mediocre, and will be hard pressed to compete with the Mets as the season wears on. I think that with the return of Duaner “filthy” Sanchez to the Mets bullpen, following a 21-month layoff due to injury, the Mets are in a position to slowly pull away from the rest of the division. They just have too much offense (when Wright and Reyes are hitting) and too much depth in the bullpen.

The Yankees are not good. There I said it. Just as I predicted, they are not capable of hitting, or pitching enough to keep up with the Redsox.

I was dead wrong about the Whitesox, at least to this point. Acutally I think I predicted the division to look the exact opposite as it does now:

Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Kansas City Royals
Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Indians

I dont expect the end of the season rankings to look like that. Detroit has too much offense, and Minnesota has too little.

The Cubs are tough. They just pounded on the Mets in a quick two game series, and they look an awful lot like a playoff team. As Terry predicted, Derrek Lee is having an MVP type of season (.378 7 HR 18 RBI 1 SB) and he is on Terry’s fantasy team.

Maybe Lee should get into another fight with a 6ft 10in pitcher if his numbers start to falter

The Diamond Backs have gotten off to a hot start in the NL west. Good pitching (Terry predicted that Dan Haren was going to good) and great hitting from their young position players has lead to a 6 game lead in the early going.

The Dodgers have been decidedly underwhelling to this point. So much so that Joe Torre had to drop Andruw Jones (and his 50 million dollar contract) into the 8 hole in the lineup yesterday (how far the mighty steriod users have fallen, see: Delgado)

In the AL West, the A’s have held their own (once again as I predicted), the Angels have been the class of the division, and with the immenent return of John Lackey they only look to get better.

A quick Fantasy update, I am winning in my league as I did all during the regular season last year, only to look very much like the New England Patriots and blow it in the Championship game.

I have a tendency to make way too many moves, so I have been trying very hard to excercise some patience. My roster looks very much like it did following the draft.

Johan Santana proved again last night that he was worth the money and the players that were sent to Minnesota. He did exactly what he was brought in to do, which is end a three game lossing streak (he got the win), go deep into the game (7 complete innings, a rarity around Queens these days), and carry the offense (2-2 with a pair of doubles).

It really is fun to watch him work. Particularly when he strikes out former Met prospect (and one of Terry’s least favorite players) Lastings (Thrilledge) Milledge three times.