HRC and Inevitability

Hillary Clinton has begun comparing herself to Rocky Balboa. Saying things on the campaign trail such as “what would have happened if Rocky had stopped half way up the art museum steps”.

How ironic, that the “inevitable candidate” now compares herself to the most iconic underdog in American pop-culture history.

Terry, being one of the only people he knows that owns all five “Rocky” movies on VHS does not see Rocky when he looks at HRC. The arrogance with which the Clinton campaign has conducted themselves, the lack of fiscal responsibility, the lack of preparation in post-super Tuesdays primaries, does not lend itself to comparisons to the forgotten, downtrodden, hired muscle from Philly.

It does however smack of another character from “Rocky”.

Apollo Creed, the arrogant inevitable champion who shrugs off his trainer, Tony when he tells Apollo after watching Rocky beating the shit out of some meat in a freezer, that he needs to take Rocky seriously.

The arrogance with which HRC has run her campaign, the way she shrugged off Obama as a mere annoyance, a stepping stone to her inevitable candidacy, a warm up for the real fight with John McCain, is far more reminiscent of Apollo.

Aside from how ridiculous this comparison is on so many levels. Did Mr. Wolfson, or Mr. Penn fail to mention to HRC that, you know, Rocky lost.


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