Joba the Mutt

If you are a baseball fan (like Terry), and have watched any games involving the Yankees since the middle of last summer, you have most likely already been introduced to the newest mythical creature in pinstripes.

Joba Chamberlain

Of course if you were watching the games, you might not recognize our portly friend from this picture because is is most likely making an ass out of himself yelling and screaming after recording an out he was last night, which brings me to my point.

I am a hypocrite and I know it.

I know this because I will sit and cheer as Jonathan Papelbon yells his river dancing head off (once again I moonlight as a Red Sox fan)

But can’t stand watching Joba the Mutt do the same thing. I find myself watching Yankee games often. Which is exactly where I was last night. In the eight inning Joba entered a one run game trying to hold the lead for the Yanks.

To hear Michael Kay (whom Terry cannot stand) gush about this mythical creature drives me to the brink of homicide. You would think there never was a pitcher, in the history of baseball who could throw hard, throw a good breaking ball, had a funny name, and took the league by storm in his first year.

Unfortunately for Michael Kay, Terry watches a ton of baseball and remembers when a teenage Francisco (K-Rod) Rodriquez took the league by storm, knocked the Yanks out of the playoffs en route to helping the Angels to the championship in his first half-year in the league. using a wicked breaking ball, and an over-powering fastball..

Unfortunately for Joba, like Achilles and his heal,

Gollum and his greed,

or Xerxes and his hubris,

he too has a critical downfall….



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