I am Really Trying

Not to talk about Baseball so much, but being the first week of the season it is really dominating my brain.

Not to mention, Aviendha was out with her mother last night and I had nothing better to do (no Mets game) than watch the Yankees/Blue Jays game.

So there I was (I love starting a story like that) watching the game, Yankees v. Bluejays on the YES network. And whose voice to I hear, raving about Yanks starter Phil Hughes, why it’s Michael Kay, Terry’s second least favorite Yankees broad caster (Sorry Mike, Suzan “oh my gawd, of all the dramtic things in the world, it’s Rawger Clemens in George’s booth” Waldman takes the cake).

So I was listening to Mike, and his abnormally large head, which he uses to store countless useless Yankees facts, as he was absolutely gushing about Hughes.

Now don’t get me wrong. Phil Hughes is a very talented 21-year-old kid. But the next great young Major League Pitcher he is not. The Yankees and their broadcasters can talk the kid up all they like. Terry has used his powers of observation, and regarless of what comes out of Yankee land where it relates to Hughes, Phenom he is not.

Last night Hughes pitched effectively, using a well controlled 90-93 mph fastball and a very good curve to handle the Jays lineup.

The word “dominant” did not come to mind. I actually thought that he looked an awful lot like a right handed Jon Lester, the Red Sox rookie who was rated higher than Hughes prior to Lester being diagnosed with Lymphoma.

What was more, Hughes was opposed by 25 year old Dustin McGowan of the Jays. McGowan was clearly the most talented pitcher on the field last night (not to mention his sweet mutton chops).

McG. sports a 94-96 Mph fastball, a nasty slider and a good change.

Here are the lines from last night:

6.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 3BB 4K 0HR 3.00ERA
6.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 1BB 4K 0HR 3.00ERA

Now Guess whose line was whose? (hint:McGowan comes first and walked two more batters)

But to hear Kay talk about Hughes, you would have thought the Jays didn’t even have a pitcher going last night. What I found so ironic was, not only did the Jays have a pitcher going, but it was a young kid with clearly better stuff that Hughes.

Which was a fact Kay was flat out ignoring. Hughes was “blowing people away” with his 91 mph fastball, while McGowan “Got Damon to strike with a defensive swing on a pitch out of the zone”

I really need to find something to do when Aviendha is gone, and there is no Mets game on.


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