Super Tuesday (take 3)

The Polls closed seven minutes ago in Pennsylvania. That noise you hear is the death rattle of the Clinton Campaing. Tim Russert of NBC just said on MSNBC’s coverage (hosted by Keith Olberman) that Clinton needs a big (double digit) win in Penn in order to continue to receive money from donors, otherwise she is going to run out of money (if she has not already). Without money, no matter how badly she wants it, no matter what tactics she will resort to, no matter how much shit she can throw against the wall, she simply will not be able to remain in this race.

I have noticed in recent days/weeks, a number of talking heads reffering to Obama as the eventual candidate, and that what we have endured for the last month has been simply going through the motions.

Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic Nominee,

Barack Obama is going to be the next president of These United States


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