The Day After

I stayed up and watched about as much of Pat Buchannon as I could possibly stand (him calling Rachel Maddow a Marxist was probably when I should have stopped watching). MSNBC was falling all over themselves trying to figure out how and why Clinton was able to pull of a double digit victory in the face of Obama out spending her 2-1 in advertising.

The simple answer is, she had a 33 point lead less than a month ago. Obama had to out spend her 2-1 just to cut into her lead as much as he.

The fact that is not being mentioned on the networks, either last night, or this morning is that Clinton did not win by 10%…with 99% reporting…

CLINTON, HILLARY 1,234,547 54.3%
OBAMA, BARACK 1,041,136 45.8%

that is an 8.5% victory, which is a far cry from 10. The problem is, at this point the narrative has already been written, and even if the networks start calling it a single digit victory, attention-span-challenged Americans have already tuned out.

The Clinton Campaign is claiming that it raked in 2.5 million in donations following yesterdays victory….so by my calculations, that puts them about 7.5 million in the red.

Clinton ended up with a 3 delegate swing last night, 3. All of which will be made up in Indiana, and North Carolina, where he is way ahead in polls. Both states fit the mold of those that he has won big in. This is a last gasp for the Clinton Campaign.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed, a 4 point loss would have looked a lot better than 8.5, but I do not think this changes a whole lot beyond extending this fight and keeping the attention off of John McCain.


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