Comments are Welcome

I was thinking earlier today that I write these things, and I represent exactly 50% of the comments on this site.

Now, I know someone is reading because I added the nifty counter on the bottom of the page, and I do not represent all 230-ish views on this page.

I write mostly about baseball and politics as these are two of the many things that occupy my brain. I do most of my more personal, or parenting writing at

I seriously enjoy comments though, as it gives me a chance first of all to see who the hell is reading this, and second of all to see what people think and discuss and what not.

There are many things I think I know, and there are many things I know I know. One of the things I know I know is that I do not know everything, and I seriously love to be challenged, or disagreed with.

What I am trying to say is, I am going to continue to write this, even if no one is reading, but I think someone is reading so let me know what you think.

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