Keep Moving Those Goal Posts Hil

I wrote this on February 20th on my Myspace Blog:

I was having a political discussion with some (who I thought liked talking about politics with me, but it turns out, I was actually driving them crazy)… and they made the comment that Hillary and Obama are almost identical on matters of policy.

This person was using this as a defense of Hillary, I actually took it to be a condemnation of her candidacy. If they are so similar when it comes to politics, you have to look other places for the differences.

It is in these differences that Obama becomes so obviously the better choice.

(Some of) The criticisms of the Bush administration have been…

A failure to plan ahead

Fiscal irresponsibility

An inability to surround himself with qualified people

An infuriating arrogance, specifically in areas of foreign policy, more specifically in Iraq, pre and post INVASION/OCCUPATION

among other Fuckery

What is so telling about the Clinton Campaign is that they have demonstrated many of these same characteristics.

Hillary poorly planned, or surrounded herself with people who poorly planned her campaign.

She ASSUMED that by the time February 5th rolled around, she would be the presumptive candidate. Because of this arrogant assumption, the campaign spent little to no money in states whose primaries were held after the Super Tuesday votes.

It was because of this that the Clinton Campaign found themselves in such financial peril that Hill had to write her campaign a 5 Million Dollar Check from her own money. (another aspect of this fact bothers me, it seems that Campaigns in a money crunch will take what ever money they can get from whom ever, this is exactly how oil companies end up writing national energy policy).

The Clinton Campaign has also suffered from a ton of in fighting recently. Clinton’s top advisers have had major disagreements as to how the Campaign would be run. This infighting has led to the resignation of a few of her top people.

If a Presidential Campaign is a metaphor for how one will run the country, how a candidate will organize, finance, and run the country once elected, I would say these things speak volumes.

In a Campaign where the candidates are so similar politically, we have to look to other factors to judge who is best suited to run our country.

And why are those on the Right screaming for Huck to step aside and let McCain focus on his battle with the Democrats, but no such argument is being made on the Left. In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, but you are reading this so you must be mildly interested in what I think, it is just about time for Hill to bow out respectfully and allow the the Democratic Party to rally around our candidate. (March 4th can’t come soon enough).

I was trying to point out, way back then, how similar her campaign has been to the failed administration of our current president. I was trying to draw comparisons in order to make a point.

She continues to make my point for me. The constant changing of the goals of her campaign mirror exactly the constantly morphing explanations for why we went into Iraq, and why we cannot get out now.

Every reason that Hillary cites for why she needs to stay in this race, has, with time, been proven to be either a strait up lie (“winning” Texas) or based on a completely false premise (leading the popular vote count, which she is not).

This compares exactly to the Bushco explanations for A. why we went into Iraq in the first place (WMD, remove Saddam, fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here, WMD, Sunni extremists, Iranian extremist, OIL….etc) and B. Why we cannot get out now(WMD, Sunni extremists, Iranian extremist, OIL….etc)

I was watching Hillary speak the other day, and I seriously felt the type of anger that I usually reserve for only W and Michael Kay.


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