Three Officers Acquitted

In the Trial of Three NYPD officers and the 50 shots they unloaded on Sean Bell outside of a strip club in NYC.

My natural reaction to this story, as it often is, is to sympathize with the victim until testimony or evidence proves the facts to be on the contrary (as happened with the Duke lacrosse team, I was dead wrong).

I cannot help but find the story of the defendants to be as full of holes as Sean and his friends bodies when they were done with them. Violence in urban areas in an issue, there is no arguing that point. But a drugged up, mentally ill, gun happy police force is not the answer to that problem.

I can already hear the arguments: “what was he doing in a strip club the night before his wedding, he got what he deserved.” It is this type of Blame-The-Victim, right wing media spin, fueled by Bill O’Rielly and his ilk that sickens me.


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