The NFL Draft

There was a time in my life where the weekend of the NFL Draft was as good as a holiday weekend to me. I would spend the previous season watching more college football than any human was ever meant to consume. I would watch the Senior Bowl practices, review the results from the Scouting Combine, and analyze the pre-draft rankings.

There was a time when I would watch all 18 hours of coverage. I would take notes on which teams drafted which players, where they went to school and how they graded out. I would then spend hours creating and editing every player and detail on Madden for Play Station. It would literally take me hours.

I watched about an hour of the draft this year and was decidedly disinterested. I don’t know if it was that my Buccaneers had a boring pick (20th), or the top players just were not that exciting. But for whatever reason, the draft just did not interest me. Maybe it has to do with the retirement of my favorite player, Mike Alstott, and my inability to latch onto anyone else.

I have had a weird relationship with the NFL for years. I do not like the Buccaneers coach (John Gruden), so I am not all that interested in them. I play fantasy football, but am no where near the savant that I am when it comes to fantasy baseball. Maybe it was my years of playing football, watching so much film, thinking about it non stopped, year round, that I have just sort of grown away from it.

Maybe it was the birth of Aviendha, or the fact that the Bucs, and Penn State are clearly mediocre and not getting any better, but I just do not care that much. This comming from the guy who watches literally 5-6 baseball games a week start to finish.


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