I Was Going to Write About

The Reverend Wright B.S. from yesterday, Hillary’s proposed gas tax holiday (which is awfully similar to John McSame’s proposal), Obama’s late breaking news that a majority of Congressional Super Delegates have already made thier decisions and have told the Obama campaign prompting Obama supporter, Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill to say “I feel good”….Which is very big news as Hillary needs 2/3 of remaining undecidided Super Delegates to go her way in order for her to complete her coup of the American voters.

I was going to write about these things but I am sick and I don’t feel like getting into it today.

I do have a little conspiracy theory. I think it is more than possible that Reverand Wright came out and said those things earlier in the week at the request of the Obama campaign which would allow Obama to come out strongly and divorce himself from the man. Just something that is rattling around in Terry Gilmore’s Head.


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