The Power to Inspire

It does not take emotional speeches, in packed arenas to galvanize people. It does not take “gas tax holidays” to make people believe again in our system.

It does not take ridiculous photo-ops at a gas station, acting like a regular guy/girl to reach people.

It takes someone with the power to inspire, it takes a Great Communicator.

The Tide is Turning.

On a side note: Why is it exactly that the fundamental question of the Democratic Primary is which of Senator Obama or Senator Clinton can appeal to working class voters more? It has been asked over and over again, basically which of them can dumb down, redneck up their image, their dress, their speech (their ridiculous effing photo ops) in order to win the “ignorant shit” vote.

Why is Wal-Mart Nation given the decisive voice in this competition? Why would I want the very people who would be swayed by Hillary’s pathetic pandering yesterday (specifically the embarrassment at the gas station, and the “take your joke of a Presidential Candidate to work day” ride with Billy Bob and his family) to have the ultimate say in this thing? Why is it a huge deal that Obama is loosing the “white” vote to Hil, but not news that he destroys her in the “black” vote? Is it just assumed black people are an ignorant monolithic group of voters that it can be assumed will vote for Obama no matter what so it is taken as a foregone conclusion?

It seems to me that there is some inherent racism in that line of thought. Obama wins 80-90% of the black vote in basically every state, and it is just assumed that is what “should” have happened. He is black, so he should have won those voters. But Hillary pulls in 60%-ish of white people in most states (which means Obama is winning 40%-ish) and the story is: Why can’t Obama win the white vote?

Doesn’t that line of thought marginalize the black population? Am I out of my mind on this one?

What happened the last time the “other-half” elected the C student that they would like to have a drink with?

Oh yeah:

I am ready for a President that is smarter than I am. I am ready for a President that knows more than I do. I am ready to look at my President and feel confident that he did not fall asleep earlier that morning when the Secretary of State was briefing him on the next international crisis. I am ready for a President that can watch a football game without choking on a pretzel.

I am ready for change.


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