Lets Play a Game

Lets imagine a Politician, we will call them politician X.

This politician in about to embark on the most important political event of their career.

Our Politician comes from a rich political background, and is closely related to a former Presidential administration.

Upon embarking on this endeavour, our politician had almost unanimous support.

Soon after undertaking this endeavour X began squandering the support they once received through a series of miss steps and miss calculations.

X surrounded themselves with close friends and relations instead of people who are capable of effectively handling the endeavour.

As support for X’s endeavour began to lose ground, X resorted to stretching the truth to its breaking point. Constantly changing the rationale for continuing the endeavour became X’s strategy.

As the endeavour began to fail, X was seemingly the last person to realize it, like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand, X continues to refuse to see what is clear to everyone not named X.

Now comes the question:

Is X….

Hillary Clinton


George W. Bush?

I cannot take credit for this little game. A caller on Ed Schultz’s program (950 Am in Rochester, 12-3:00 pm) proposed this question to the host. As I listened I was picturing Hillary. When he asked at the end of his call, was he talking about Hill or W, I laughed out loud.

I have made similar comparisons in the last few weeks (read through the archives, they are awesome) I just had not thought of it as cleaverly as this. She continues to creep further and further into the dark, ugly end of the political world (see her interview with Bill-O, or Bill Clinton’s appearance on Druggie Limbaugh’s show).

And let me prempt Tuesday’s talking points about Hillary winning one state out of two means she has to stay in the race. Please allow me to point out, that if Hillary does not win 75% of the remaining Pledged Delegats, 75%…which means she needs to win by a 50 point margin, not 5, if she does not win 75% she cannot win the Pledged Delegate race. It is this race that is what the nomination is supposed to be decided.

She will need an overwhelming majority of Super Delegates that have yet to commit.

It is not going to happen. Period.

The only way that she is going to become the president of these United States in 2009 is as a third party candidate, and even that is beyond a long shot.

No matter what gets said on Tuesday, or after, if she does not win by 50 point margins in both states, there is no justification for her staying in the race, none.


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