In My Head

My head has been crazy the last few weeks. The Democratic primary has dominated the majority of my free thinking time. Although mathematically eliminated, Senator Clinton is going to fight on. Her basic argument for doing so is: Obama’s base (young, black voters) will vote for her, while her base (white, middle aged voter) will not vote for him. Now she hasn’t come out and said it like that (mostly because it shows that her base is racist, regardless of political affliation). Now comes the long, slow gasping crawl to the forgone conclusion to this thing.

Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee. John McSame does not stand a chance in the general election against him.

On baseball. I am bored with baseball right now. The Mets are the same team that blew a 7 game lead with 17 to play last fall. Nothing has changed. Until Willie Randolph is fired, nothing is going to change. The team has taken on the personality of the manager, and in this case that is a lack there of.

I don’t know if it is my recent adventures into fatherhood, but I just don’t live and die with the wins and loses anymore.

It is part of my personality to cheer for the underdog. The problem is, the Mets are not the underdog. They have the highest payroll in the NL. They are underachievers, which I hate.

The Redsox have become to good for me to enjoy. The still have a group of young, exciting players. And my favorite character in the history of sports, Manny. There just is not that excitement. Perhaps it will build as the season goes on.

The Twins continue to play better than anyone gave them a chance to. The Oakland A’s (who if you will remember, Terry picked to win the division) have managed, despite being killed by injuries, stayed atop of the AL West.

The Diamond Backs are for real.


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