The Tide is Turning

And that folks is the nail.

John Edwards has (finally) endorsed Barack Obama for President.

The Timing is perfect. As Hillary is riding the highest wave of support that she has enjoyed since her B.S. crying fit in New Hampshire, scheduled for interviews on all three major networks tonight, Obama holds a massive rally in Michigan (you know, the state that she keeps saying needs to be counted, but Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot) and kills any momentum she might have had.

My choice for VP is Virginia Senator Jim Webb, but I have to admit, watching the speech tonight, they looked an awful lot like the winning ticket.

I laid on the floor with Avi watching the rally. And it dawned on me. I am who they are talking about.

I am a home owner because the federal government offered me a mortgage that I could afford while I worked to get a better job to afford the house on my own. I am proud of my home, I am proud of the house that I own, and I could not do that without the help of the government.

Republicans, my Republican family members, the Republican nominee for president, would see that I was not given that opportunity. To them, I don’t deserve to own a home if I cannot afford it. They would shrink the government, and the programs that it offers to a point where we would all fend for ourselves, and Avi and I would live in an apartment somewhere because we could not afford this house on our own.

John Edwards and Barack Obama would see to it that people like me, hard working people can be proud of where they live.

I took my daughter to the doctors yesterday. It wasn’t and emergency, but she needed to see the doctor. We didn’t have to pay a Co-pay. She was prescribed a medication, we didn’t have to pay for the medicine.

Avi is on Child Health Plus. This is Socialized Health Care (scary words to Conservatives and Republicans). My daughter is healthy because of State Sponsored Health Care. I can sleep at night, knowing she is safe and healthy, because she has free health care.

Republicans hate that. They hate that I am offered a mortgage that I can afford. They hate that my daughter is given nearly free health care.

Barack Obama supports the life that I live. When Obama, or John Edwards talk about lower middle class, or lower class Americans that are struggling to make ends meet, struggling to pay bills and buy food, living week to week, pay check to pay check, able to afford their houses, or their health care, they are not talking about some unknown, nameless, faceless someone who is in trouble because of bad choices that they have made.

They are talking about me, and my daughter. That is why I support Barack Obama for President.

The Tide is Turning.


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