On My Brain

As I drove into work this morning I was forced to turn off the radio and begin contemplating locking myself in a sealed box for the next week or two until the Democratic nomination is decided.

I heard a Clinton supporting woman caller explain her rationale for voting for McCain and my head literally began to hurt.

According to this caller, because women had been pivital in freeing the slaves, and running the “underground railroad”, Senator Obama owed it to Clinton to step aside for her, and If he did not, this caller would be forced to do the only thing she could, vote for John Mc-Bush.

When the host tried to explain that as rediculous as her argument was, it was made even worse by the fact the Obama’s father hailed from Africa, and therefore his direct decendants were not aided by the efforts of Abolitionist women.

This was followed by a five second hesitation, and the caller yelling about the “four lost delegates”, that Hillary was supposedly screwed out of on Saturday.

The problem with this line of thinking is, there were no delegates to “lose” in Michigan, because according the DNC rules, the vote did not count. Not to mention, Senator Obama’s name was not on the ballot. If Clinton and her supporter’s had their way, she would get the votes that went for her, and the “uncommitted” votes would go to no one, because technially people did not vote for Obama.

I turned off the radio and drove in silence.

I watched “Recount” on HBO yesterday. I was 17 and a senior in High School in November or 2000. I was more politically informed that most of the people that I went to school with, but I had no idea about what really happened.

I have been told in the eight years since that the election was stolen, and that the Supreme Court of the United States of America handed this election to Bush.

But seeing it, watching it, was harder than I thought it would be.

I actually cried.

I found myself saying out loud, to no one in particular: “God Damn you Al Gore”

Knowing now what that decision, the decision to stop fighting as cost our country, I was overwhelmed.

What bothers me the most I think is the media’s complicity in all of this.

What the country learned from Scott McClellen’s book last week was that the Bush Administration fed our country nothing but lies and propaganda to get us into war.

None of this is news to me. I was fighting with a college professor in the Spring of 2005 about the lies and justifications for war. I said then that it was about oil and nothing more.

He was a former liberal, who had been scared into submission by 9/11 (funny how convenient that is, I always ask myself: Who Benefits?) and had become a neo-con Bush mouthpiece spouting rediculous assertions about the merits of the “Bush Doctrine” of foreign policy. I remember you David Stavely, and would love for a face-to-face reunion so I can ask what bull-shit justificaitons you are clining to now. Because I was right about everything I said in that class, that I was almost failed for.

What bothers me, is that our “independent” media bought this, bought all of it. And why now, is it never brought up when talking about the desasters of the last eight years, that this man did not win the presidency, he was handed it.

Watching that movie, and seeing the reaction from the Clinton supporters following this weekend’s decision and the inevitiblity of an Obama win tomorrow (we will have a nominee by Wednesday, June 4th) I was absolutly disgusted.

Clinton is acting no different than Bush, and his supporters did in Florida in November and December of 2000. Win at all costs or create as much Chaos as possible as you go down.

As of this writing, Barack Obama is 44 delegates, be they pleged or super, away from the nomination.

I called this race over in February, as it has been.

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