Obama 08

Hillary Clinton will (finally) exit the campaign on Saturday, after she was told by both Senate and Congressional Super Delegates who had previously endorsed her that if she did not get out, they would be forced to embaress her by publicly switching their endorsements to President(Senator)Obama.

And with that, lets begin the long march to November.

I have previously predicted a landslide, and I am sticking to that. Something is happening in this country.

I was reading something today about how uncomfortable McSame looks, and how hard of a time he is having delivering these lines.

The author was making the point, and I think that I agree with him, that McCain is basically a decent guy, as far as politicians go, but that he has allowed his Campaign to be hijacked by people who believe as Karl Rove does, that if you do not fight dirty, you can’t fight at all.

Unfortunately for the people in McCain’s campaign, they fail to see that Barack Obama just defeated the most powerful political juggernaught that his country has seen in 30 years, a juggernaught who repeatedly took their game plan directly from Karl’s play book.

Obama’s message trancends traditional politics.

It is difficult to define his positions on an antiquated linear political spectrum because so much of his policy, is outlined on a “solution based approach”. He has the tremendous ability to see a problem and find a solution. Those solutions are difficult to chart on a linear Liberal-Conservative spectrum, because some of the answers to the difficult questions are not Liberal or Conservative.

It is this reason that so many in the traditional media are having such a hard time defining him, and why so many people justify not supporting him by saying “I just don’t know where he is on the issues”

The simple answer is, he is here on one issue, and there on another.

Pundits and Talking Heads have not quite figured out to do with him, or how to analyze what it is that he is doing. So they stick to the simplistic script that has worked so well in the past, Obama v. Hillary, Obama v. McCain, Pastor Wright, William Ayers, White voters not liking him etc.

Barack Obama is a different type of politician, for a different generation of people. Which explains why he has drawn comparisons to JFK, RFK, Reagan, and Dr. King.

It has proven impossible, to this point to put him into a neat box.


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