The Greatest Upset in American Political History

Or so says Chuck Todd’s Goatee:

Sorry for all the politics stuff….I do have a few non-political things to write about, and I will get to them.

But I do not think it is possible to overstate the signifigance of what has happend in the last few days.

I just read back through what I have been writing on here since March, and what I have been saying on my MySpace Blog ( going back a year.

I have known, as a certainty that this moment would come, and I may have been a little cocky about it.

But to see it, take 10 minutes and watch the speech again, look at the fire in his eyes when he is talking about McCain and the economy.

This is not a man who is simply attacking McCain because he is his political opponent. He cares about the future of our country and is afraid of what 4 more years of George Bush, manifested in the person of John McCain will mean for our country.


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