Power to the K.O

I have stepped back from politics a little bit the last week or so. Last week was an emotional week for me and I am assuming a lot of people. I still have have the image of Barack fist pounding Michelle (or a “Terrorist fist jab” according to Fox News, whatever that is supposed to mean….I have some thoughts on the concept of “terrorism” and how we define our enemies, but that is for later) Tuesday night. I will keep that image with me forever.

Keith Olbermann has ramped up the chorus against John McSame’s pathetic policies, and embarrassing adherence to the “Bush Doctrine”

I continue to be baffled by the blind eye that is turned towards McCain by a majority of those in the so-called Main Stream Media.

I understand that John McCain is a Vietnam Vet.

I understand that McCain was tortured.

What is never discussed however is that McCain broke under that torture and admitted to known falsehoods such as murdering innocent North Vietnamese citizens, and yet continues to support the use of torture by This country, knowing first hand that torture elicits false confessions.

Typically, Keith gets so angry during these Special Comments that he visibly shakes with rage.

The calm, quiet anger that he demonstrates during this video is moving. Please take the time to watch it, all of it. The tears are visible in his eyes in the closing remarks.


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