Gangstas get on the field, Ladies get on the bus

Well, it finally happend. Willie Randolph has been fired as the manager of the New York Mets.

I am thrilled about this news. I will be the first to admit that I am slightly disgusted by the way in which the situation was handeld. Only slightly.

Willie had this coming. This team has underperformed for him for the last year and a half. This team has played down to it’s competition, and with a general lack of interest for as long as I can remember.

The fun, entertaining, competitive Mets of 2006 are a distant memory.

It was simply Willie’s time to go. This team stopped listening. He lost the leaders in the club house not named “Wright”.

GM Omar Minaya is next to find his head on the chopping block.

It was his choices that have led to this team of old, broken down, disinterested former steroid users (Read: Carlos Delgado).

With Willie out of the way, which was a decision that Omar clearly did not want to make judging by the visible tears in his eyes during the press conference, the spotlight of this teams collective failures will be directly on him.

Omar was fully willing to bask in his own genuis as he assembled a “Rainbow Coalition” of players that would usher in a new era of Mets baseball.

The problem is, the dream was never fulfilled.

Carlos Beltran watched strike three, in game 7 of the ’06 NLCS. The Mets were supposed to win that game, in a cosmic sense, it was their time.

The door has closed on this team.

The door has closed on Omar Minaya.

Watching the Presser yesterday, I thought he looked like a your average Coked out 20-something on Saturday night. He was sweaty and jittery. Repeating himself, and stammering and rushing through his talking points.

He looked like a man who knew his time was ending.

And then the “Gangsta” took the podium.

Jerry Manuel is the new Mets Manager, I am excited.

He was calm and cool. He spoke about the past and the future of this team. He talked about what he will do differently (dont get to comfortable batting cleanup Carlos Beltran).

He asked a reporter to leave the Press Conference when he was talking on his phone while Jerry was trying to talk.

He said about his teams play: “Gangstas get on the field, Ladies get on the bus”

I don’t even really know what it means, but I love it.

Then the game began, another Mets loss.

The most important part of the game however, came with no outs in the top of the first inning.

Jose Reyes led off with a single up the middle. Upon returning to first base, he grabbed at the back of his leg. Jose having lost significant time early in his career to hamstring injuries, did not want to come out of the game.

The Gangsta had other ideas. He took Reyes by the arm and directed him towards the dugout.

Reyes, in an oh-so-mature fashion, threw his helmet, untucked his jersey, and stormed into the club house.

The Gangsta waited for the inning to end, and followed his oh-so-mature star shortstop into the club house where he stayed for the remainder of the inning.

Reyes returned to the bench and apologized to his teamates, score one for the Gangsta.

About a year ago Willie benched Reyes for not running out a ground ball that Reyes thought was going to go foul. Reyes proceeded to fall into the worst slump of his career. Possibly angered by the double standard that was “Willie Ball”, where the manager continued to make excuses for, and allows older players to play with a complete lack of hustle.

It would appear, judging by Manuel’s handling of Reyes’ tantrum last night, that the Willie Randolph era is dead, and not a moment too soon.

If Omar would like to keep his job I would suggest that he make a few roster moves fairly quickly.

This team is still capable of winning this year, with the core that it currently employs.

A trade, or out right release of Carlos Delgado (and his “just for men” colored goatee, it’s grey dude, let it go) should come first.

Followed either by a trade for Xavier Nady, or a promotion of Mike Carp, or Val Pascucci from AAA.

Moises Alou needs to go. The constant carousel from the DL to the major league roster has lost its fun.

This team cannot compete with Marlon Anderson and Endy Chavez getting the majority of ABs in Left Field.

Omar would save his ass and this season if he were able to pull off a mega trade for Matt Holliday. However, Randy Winn, Raul Ibanez, Ichiro Suzuki, Cliff Floyd, Alex Rios, Jose Guillen, Milton Bradley, Adam Dunn, Jr. Griffey, or anyone else with a heart beat will suffice.

I like the make up of the rotation with Johan, Maine, Pedro, Pelfrey, and effing Perez.

The bullpen is better than it gets credit for with (in order of guys I trust with no less than a 2 run lead) Wagner, Dirty Sanchez, Felicano, Smith, Show, and Aaron “pouty face” Heilman.

This team can still win, just as soon as Delgado is given the Randolph treatment.

Gangstas get on the field.

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