Gangstas on the Field

Let me go on record, again, and say that I was not a Willie Randolph fan, ever.

I thought from the beginning of his tenure that he was not the right personality for this team. I let it go in ’05 because he was new to the team.

I didn’t care about Willie in ’06 because the team was so fun to watch.

I hated him in ’07 when night after night, he continued to maintain that, “hey at least were still in first place”, and “I know my guys” and “It’s just one game”

of course, the Mets were only in first place, until they were no longer in first place.

I told anyone who would listen, for the last two years that this dude had to go.

Let me go on record now (I didn’t have my own sweet website in ’07, so I cannot prove I said how much I hated Willie’s style of managing)

Jerry Manuel is a Gangsta, and I like him.

I like the attitude he brings. I like that he doesn’t speak bullshit “Sportuguese” all the time like Willie did. If I ever hear the words “It’s just one game”, or “I know my guys” or “we’re still in first place” from anyone in a Mets uniform I might just go Jerry Manuel on someone.

Following the game last night (a Mets win in extra innings) Jerry was asked about the on-field dust up between him and Jose Reyes, to which Jerry replied, laughing:

“I told him the next time he does that, I’m going to get my blade out and cut him, right on the field. Hey, I’m a gangsta now. You go gangsta on me, I’m gonna have to get you now.”

Reyes’ response to Manuel following him into the club house, during the game Tuesday night after he pulled Reyes from the game which led to Reyes acting like a child, throwing a temper tantrum, flipping his helmet and storming off the field, only to receive a verbal beating from Jerry in the club house and apologizing to his teammates?

He went 3 for 5 with a triple, two singles, three runs scored and a stolen base last night in the win.

I would have to say, small sample size aside, message received.

The Mets new theme song for the remainder of ’08…

Gangstas on the Field, Ladies on the Bus

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