We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident

The Tide is indeed turning.

The recent success of Senator Obama’s first overseas trip as a presidential nominee has illustrated just how much the rest of the world, like America itself is ready for change.

John McCain’s plan has absolutely blown up in his creepy plastic looking face. McCain goaded Senator Obama into this trip to Iraq in an attemp to show him as ill-prepared to lead America on an international stage.

What has happened however is foreign leaders, those friendly to the U.S. and those not so friendly to the U.S. lining up to meet with him as he barnstorms through the world at large.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has basically endoresed Obama as he has agreed with him on his Iraq plan, which was billed as McCain’s strongest platform.

I know I have been a little light on the Obama talk recently. I would be lying if I wasn’t at least a little dismayed by his decison to vote for the FISA bill that included immunity for Telecommunications companies that illegally spied on you and I.

Obama has made a predicted move slighly towards the middle, a move that I am not a fan of. But I am a fan of the man getting elected and this is what he must do in order to attain that goal.

In case you are wondering, I am still Fired up, Ready to go.


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