And We’re Under Way

If you are one of the four people that read this site, you probably know that I am the biggest Penn St. football fan in the state of NY.

The Lions beat the snot out of the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina
In what will probably the last season for Joe Paterno as the head coach of Penn State, the Lions have started well. The real test will be in a few weeks when the Big Ten schedule begins.

Ohio State is the hot pick to win the Big Ten this year in a “down” year for the conference. I, however believe that the Lions are going to suprise some teams this year. They have an experienced O-line and first year QB Daryll Clark has to be an improvement on Anthony Morelli, the man I blame for the present state of my hairline.

Clark reminds me a lot of former PSU QB Michael Robinson, and not just because he happens to be black. Robinson was atheletic enough to make up for the play-calling ineptitudes of Joe Paterno’s moron son Jay.

I will be sad to see Paterno go, but I am looking forward to starting a new era of PSU football. Rutger’s head coach Greg Schiano will look great in Blue and White.

They are still the best Uni’s in sports.


Better Than I Could Say

Here are all the questions I want anwered about the GILF

I have spent a lot of time making light about this choice in the last 24 hours, this is a really serious thing, this woman could easily be the next president of the US.

John McCain Likes the GILF’s Ass

McCain can’t take his eyes off of her ass. Dude, you are on national TV, and Cindy is watching. Not that it has ever stopped his wandering before.

I have said from the beginning that McCain’s campaign felt like an outtake from from “This is Spinal Tap”, it’s like he has been trying to crank it up to 11 for months.

The McCain campaign has been so over the top at times it has been hard to take it seriously. Especially when he pulls that yellow toothed smile and creepy giggle in front of a rediculously green screen.

I can just see it now….

McCain: “Sarah, I need you to help me with my conservative credentials, James Dobson and Rush keep saying I am a flip-flopper”

The GILF: “Sure John, I hate Polar Bears, think Rape Victims should be forced to bare the children of their attackers, I think that Global Warming is Not man made, I think we should Drill, Drill, Drill in ANWAR, and my husband who is on the BP payroll agrees, I think we should teach FICTION in science classes, but….um John, my eyes are up here”

McBush: “Sorry, GILF, I just love women half my age”


I am somewhere between speechlessness with excitement, and being just plain dumbfounded.

72-year old, John McCain who is a hard sneeze away from 6 feet under just selected a 44-year old former beauty queen, who 18 months ago was the mayor of a town with a population of 9,000 as his running mate.

He might as well have chosen Cindy McCain. As a matter of fact, Cindy might want to start spending some more time keeping an eye on her wandering husband. It seems like every 30 or 40 years Exxon McCain dumbs his current wifey for a former beauty queen half his age. (of course he usually waits until they are suffering from a disability before he runs out on them, is Cindy’s drug addiction a disability?)

I am sort of dumbfounded.

The best attack the McSame camp has been able to muster against Obama has been his appearant lack of experience.

Their second best attack has been that the American people don’t really know Barack.


Throw those two lines of attack out the window.

John McCain just placed a 44-year old woman with 18 months of executive experience in the great state of Alaska an instant from the most important job in the world.


I guess that his hope was that a woman on the ticket would help pull off some of the disenchanted Hillary Clinton supporters.

This is making two large assumptions.

First, that former Clinton supporters didn’t watch his speech last night and realize that although their choice of candidates did not win, it was never really about Hillary and Barack, it is about voting on issues, and a quick check of Sarah Palin’s record shows that she is Pro-life, anti-gay marriage and a staunch supporter of the 5th amendment.

Not only is she Anti-Abortion, she is against the use of the morning after pill for rape victims and victims of incest.

Secondly, she is assuming that Women voters are going to support this choice in large enough numbers, regardless of their stance on the above stated issues. What he failed to see is that Palin does nothing to bring new people to the Republican side of the ticket, she is a hard-line right wing conservative, winning the 25% of the population that still supports Bush is not going win on November 4th.

I have to think that McCain made the absolute worst choice here. If it were to be a woman, why not Condi, or Kay Baley Huchinson, or Olympia Snow, seriously What the Fuck?

Joe Biden is going to chew this woman up and spit her out, he is actually going to have to take it easy on her in a debate, or risk coming off too harsh.

I just don’t get this.

After watching last nights performance by Obama, watching Palin’s speech today looked like the Prom Queen accepting her crown.

I don’t mean to be demeaning, but the woman has as much foreign policy experience as I do.

Barack Obama

I am still digesting what I watched last night. I was moved to tears a few times. I cannot help watching Barack, Michelle and their daughter’s on the stage without welling up. They are just such a beautiful family.

I am sure the right wing is going to start ripping this speech apart (as they already have, calling him angry and bitter). What I saw last night was a speech that moved Pat Buchannon to speechlessness.

What I saw, was the next president of the United States of America.

I saw a man who answered every question about his ability to lead. He was strong, he was forceful, he was funny, he was serious. He gave real answers to what his economic plan is. He laid out specifics about what he plans to do, without turning the speech into an hour of policy.

He was on the offensive against McBush. He hit him and he hit him hard. The genius of his speech was that he turned McCain’s proposed strengths into weaknesses. He attacked him on foreign policy, he attacked him on experience. These are the two main threads that McCain has based his candidacy on, and Obama through them back into his face as weaknesses.

I could not help but think of “The America President”