It’s Here!

Yes, that is MY motorcycle, in MY driveway.

I just spent more time, just hanging out in my garage, than I have in the last year plus that I have lived here.

Growing up, basically until today, I never understood how guys could just hang out in the garage all day, drinking bad beer and watching a race on a 13 inch TV.

All I wanted to do for the last hour was stand, one hand itching my balls, the other wrapped around a Genny Ice, a pointless race on in the background, and just stand and look at my bike, grunting occasionally.

I finally understand.

side note…. if you look closely in the picture above you will see my newly painted wheels on my Man Wagon. I went from sort of gay, soccer dad wagon, to completly bad ass international man of mystery, all with a few cans of paint and some patience.

God, I am bad ass.


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