Ouch Babe

The release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been delayed from November of this year, to July of 2009.

The reason the studio gave…wait for it….

…The Writer’s strike.

According to Warner Bros., The writer’s strike caused an upheaval in the lineup of films that were scheduled to come out next summer. Leaving a void for big name movies.

The studio is claiming that it is for this reason that they moved the film from November 21st (which would have allowed the Gilmore Family to go see it Thanksgiving night, like they have for all of the Potter films that have been released in the fall) to July of ’09.

The real reason for the change, as I have discovered.

Danile Radcliffe’s Penis.

That right, his penis. Radcliffe is performing in the play Equus which opens in New York this fall. In the play, Radcliffe has a love scene with a woman, and a love scene with a horse. Neither of which the studio would like to see having anything to do with the fall release of the 6th Potter film.

Every interview Dan did for the Potter film, would contain questions about the play.

So I guess for now, I will just have to keep watching the trailer over and over again.


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