The Clintonistas

I am so angry with these people I cannot think strait.

I was listening to the radio this morning. I was listening to the Bill Press show which airs on 950 AM in the mornings.

I am not a Bill Press fan but he is what I get if I want politics in the morning since 950 took the Young Turks off.

A woman called in and explained that she, as a Hillary Clinton supporter would not be voting for Obama in the general election, and would instead write her vote in for Hillary.

Bill tried to explain to this woman that, what she was proposing was equivilent to a vote for John McBush.

To which she replied that she was so angry she did not care.

I simply cannot understand these people.

I blame the Junior Senator from NY for this. The tone of her campaign in its final months became one of blaming everyone but herself for her demise. It was the Media, it was Sexism, It was the “Race Card”, Obama was doing this, Obama was doing that. Never once did she look inward and realize that this was about Her. It was about the people that she chose to surround herself with, like Mark Penn who it has been released wanted her to paint Obama as a foreigner, or not like “Us”.

It was these types of tactics that utimately led to her not winning, cuppled with the fact that Barack Obama is an incredible, once in a generation type of politician, and Hillary was simply more of the same, with a vagina.

It is the idiot supporters of Senator Clinton that are going to ultimately decide the outcome on November 4th.

This woman who called in this morning is not alone. These people need to get over it. She lost, whether fairly or unfairly, she lost.

Is it more important for these people to make a statment, or for them to retain their rights over their own reproductive systems. Is it more important to make their moronic voices heard, or to send thier children into more pointless wars of profit, that are sure to come under President McBush.

I am sorry, but I simply cannot understand this.


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