Joe Biden

So the next Vice President is going to be Joe Biden. If I am completely honest I am not exactly “Fired Up, and Ready to Go” about this.

I have been thinking about this a lot, and trying to prepare myself for this announcement.

What I realized is that there is no good supporting actor for Senator Obama. He is such a trancendant leader, there is no way to reinforce his weakpoints without comprimising what his campaign stands for.

If Obama were to pick someone young and exciting, like himself, he would have reinforced the doubts that many have about his lack of experience.

If he were to pick someone established, with a history of foreign policy experience, it would comprimise his message of change.

I suppose that picking someone like Biden, who is older but still tends to act very young. Biden has a history of putting his foot in his mouth.

He also has a history of saying very honest and sometimes very funny things.

The next few months will be entertaining at least.


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