Barack Obama

I am still digesting what I watched last night. I was moved to tears a few times. I cannot help watching Barack, Michelle and their daughter’s on the stage without welling up. They are just such a beautiful family.

I am sure the right wing is going to start ripping this speech apart (as they already have, calling him angry and bitter). What I saw last night was a speech that moved Pat Buchannon to speechlessness.

What I saw, was the next president of the United States of America.

I saw a man who answered every question about his ability to lead. He was strong, he was forceful, he was funny, he was serious. He gave real answers to what his economic plan is. He laid out specifics about what he plans to do, without turning the speech into an hour of policy.

He was on the offensive against McBush. He hit him and he hit him hard. The genius of his speech was that he turned McCain’s proposed strengths into weaknesses. He attacked him on foreign policy, he attacked him on experience. These are the two main threads that McCain has based his candidacy on, and Obama through them back into his face as weaknesses.

I could not help but think of “The America President”


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