And We’re Under Way

If you are one of the four people that read this site, you probably know that I am the biggest Penn St. football fan in the state of NY.

The Lions beat the snot out of the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina
In what will probably the last season for Joe Paterno as the head coach of Penn State, the Lions have started well. The real test will be in a few weeks when the Big Ten schedule begins.

Ohio State is the hot pick to win the Big Ten this year in a “down” year for the conference. I, however believe that the Lions are going to suprise some teams this year. They have an experienced O-line and first year QB Daryll Clark has to be an improvement on Anthony Morelli, the man I blame for the present state of my hairline.

Clark reminds me a lot of former PSU QB Michael Robinson, and not just because he happens to be black. Robinson was atheletic enough to make up for the play-calling ineptitudes of Joe Paterno’s moron son Jay.

I will be sad to see Paterno go, but I am looking forward to starting a new era of PSU football. Rutger’s head coach Greg Schiano will look great in Blue and White.

They are still the best Uni’s in sports.


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