John McCain Likes the GILF’s Ass

McCain can’t take his eyes off of her ass. Dude, you are on national TV, and Cindy is watching. Not that it has ever stopped his wandering before.

I have said from the beginning that McCain’s campaign felt like an outtake from from “This is Spinal Tap”, it’s like he has been trying to crank it up to 11 for months.

The McCain campaign has been so over the top at times it has been hard to take it seriously. Especially when he pulls that yellow toothed smile and creepy giggle in front of a rediculously green screen.

I can just see it now….

McCain: “Sarah, I need you to help me with my conservative credentials, James Dobson and Rush keep saying I am a flip-flopper”

The GILF: “Sure John, I hate Polar Bears, think Rape Victims should be forced to bare the children of their attackers, I think that Global Warming is Not man made, I think we should Drill, Drill, Drill in ANWAR, and my husband who is on the BP payroll agrees, I think we should teach FICTION in science classes, but….um John, my eyes are up here”

McBush: “Sorry, GILF, I just love women half my age”


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