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I have to be honest for a moment. It dawned on me, I mean really hit me the other morning, in Five Weeks From Today Barack Obama is going to win this thing in a landslide.

Five Weeks From Today, John McCain will be standing in front of literally dozens of people, giving a concession speech.

Five Weeks From Today Barack Obama will give the speech of his life.

Five Weeks From Today we will be on our way out of this mess.

Five Weeks From Today.

It feels a little different this year. Last year the ship sprung so many leaks it seemed like every time they patched a hole, another one spung up.

One day it was the hitting, the next the starting pitching, the next the defense, the next the bull pen.

This year the Starting pitching was consistantly good, and every fifth day it was great.

The problem this September was two fold. An utter inability to hit in the clutch, combined with a bull pen that boasted not one consistant performer.

The Offense ground it’s bats to saw dust in anxiety trying to tack on runs to support a bull pen full of arsonists.

The Arsonists could not hold a lead, no matter how big, to save their careers.

I honestly feel for Scott Schoeneweis. He had no business being on the mound yesterday facing a righty, and it was a good pitch. Helms just went down and got it.

But who exactly was the Gangsta going to go to. Luis Ayala? He tried that, Ayala relieved Bloweneweis only to give up another homer.

I think Manuel should be back next year. I am sure I will have more to say as time passes.

I am still excited for the playoffs. There are some good matchups. The Rays are a nice story. Manny and Torre tormenting Hank Steinbrenner is awesome.

If anyone should go, I think it should be Omar Minaya. He is the one who compiled this team around Pedro, Alou, Castillo, El Duque, Heilman, Shoewenweis, and the rest.

I would scrap the entire bull pen. Every guy can take a hike, keep perhaps Joe Smith and Brian Stokes.

I have a funny theory about what was wrong with this team, and it comes down to one position. I don’t really feel like expanding on it now, but I think perhaps had this team had a long reliever in the bull pen, in the Darren Oliver mode, many of these guys would not have been over-used in blowout games in April, May and June, and could have perhaps had a few bullets left in thier guns. But what the hell do I know?