Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A Mike Alstott-less Tampa Bay Buccaneers team kicks off their 2008 campaign today in New Orleans against a tough Saints team.

Following college, where I lived and breathed football for four strait years, I was pretty burned out of football, especailly the NFL. I have warmed back up to it a little bit.

My biggest gripe with the NFL, as opposed to college football is the lack of imagination in game plans.

The teams are so talented in the NFL that most teams don’t play around with imaginative offenses and defenses. Basically every team runs a fairly similar system.

Unlike College, you rarely see Running Backs taking direct snaps, or teams (besides the Patriots) lining up with two defensive linemen and nine DB’s.

That being said, I do enjoy Sundays. Fantasy fooball has got me interested in games I would never care to watch.


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