Bear’s Brawlers

I have done a bad job of keeping up with this section of the blog, probably because I realized that no one that reads this is going to care. But I am going to throw this out there anyways.

The Bear’s Brawlers (I don’t think that needs a “the” in front of it) in both fantasy football and baseball have been on a roll.

In the baseball world… the long grind that is the fantasy regular season has come to a close. In an act of what must be described as serendipity, The Brawlers drew my former boss/friend Da Braves in the first round of the playoffs.

trailing 10-6 going into the final game of the week (anyone who doesn’t play fantasy baseball is not going to know what that means) I figured I was all but done for. However, 1 win from You Don’t Mess With The Johan, 2 BB from David Wright and Shane Victorino, 2 errors by Da Braves, and a meaningless run by Victorino spelled defeat for Da Braves, Brawlers advance.

In football…. the much maligned football version of The Brawelers (maybe I should come up with a different name) put an absolute beatdown on JD’s Rage. I am talking Pelinor Fields kind of destruction. We were the high scorer for the week….which I believe is a first for us.

It has been three years now that I have been trying to figure out the world of fantasy football (I got the baseball thing down) and I think I finally got it…updates to follow.

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