Blue Royster Cult

Penn State running back Evan Royster and his teammates made the Orange of Syracuse look like the practice squad.

Penn State accumulated more than 500 yards of total offense, while putting 55 points on the woeful Syracuse defense.

Penn State has run rough shot over thier competition in the first three weeks of the season.

The real tests start not next week when the Lions put a beating on the Owls of Temple, but the week after when they open up their Big 10 schedule against Illinois.

In what is being described as a down year for the Big 10 (I think Ohio State and Michigan are grossly overrated this year, sorry Notre Dame fans, but beating Michigan this year does not make up for the last 10) Penn State appears to be the class of the conference.

It will be interesting to see how Clark and this offense would compare to the better offense in the country.

I don’t think it is outside of the realm of possibility that if Penn State can beat Wisconsin and Ohio State on the road, a BCS Bowl is a possibility.

As yesterday was the first road game of the season, I was able to appreciate for the first time this year just how beautiful the White on White on White uniforms are.


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