"See It Doesn’t Work"

Here is how it works:

Republicans, and more specifically Conservatives (Believe it or not they are separate groups, just as Democrats, and Liberals/Progressives are not synonymous) hate Government.

They hate when a political entity involves itself in your life (except if you would like to be free to have an abortion, or be married if you are in a same sex couple, or you enjoy smoking pot, then they will stick their noses where it doesn’t fucking belong).

So when these people (yes I said “these people”) come into power, it looks something like this:

You are driving along with some friends. Your in the drivers seat, things are going great. The car is getting great fuel ECONOMY, everyone in the car is getting along fairly well, you are interacting with the other cars on the road beautifully.

When all of the sudden, the other passengers of the car decided to put it up for a vote who is going to drive the car for the next 4 hours. You put it up for a vote, and they decide the slightly dim guy in the back seat is going to drive.

He has never driven before, but he is sociable, and the other passengers would love to have a drink with him.

He hates cars, insists they cannot fix your problems, and people who depend on the car for their well being, are nothing but shiftless-layabouts.

Something shinny caught his eye and he looked away from the road just as the car entered an intersection. The car was t-boned and completely totaled.

The Moron who was behind the wheel, upon exiting the car, brushed himself off and observed what was left of the car. After a few moments of reflection he turned to the other passengers and exclaimed: “See, it doesn’t work”.


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