"The Surge Has Worked" Mythology

John McCain is basically running his campaign on one issue, that being that the Surge has worked, and he and only he knew it would.

This of course is a lie, which is wrapped in a paradox. According to George Bush, when the Surge was first introduced:

The “troop surge” or the surge is a phrase commonly used to describe United States President George W. Bush’s plan to increase the number of American troops deployed to the Iraq War in order to provide security to Baghdad and Al Anbar Province.[1]

The surge had been developed under the working title “The New Way Forward.” It was announced by Bush on January 10, 2007 during a national television speech. Bush ordered the deployment of five additional U.S brigades to Iraq, mainly to the capital Baghdad, and extended the tour of 4,000 Marines already in Iraq. The overall objective of the war effort was described as establishing a “…unified, democratic federal Iraq that can govern itself, defend itself, and sustain itself, and is an ally in the War on Terror.” The strategy had several major elements:[2]

The stated purpose of the Surge was to create the Political Space for the Iraqi Government to create reconciliation and peace, and to allow the Iraqis to begin to Govern themselves.

None of this has happend. If the Surge has worked, as McCain would propose, then there is no reason for us to still be there in a military capacity. McCain however would benefit most from a continued American presence in a combat capacity.

The truth is, the Surge has worked because we have paid the Iraqi “Insurgents” NOT-to fight.

We are paying the Sunni militias to stand down, and join with the Iraqi police force.

Al-Sadr has called for a cease-fire because we are paying out the ass (with tax payer money) to keep them from fighting.

So if you squint really, really hard, or you have 72-year old eyes, I guess it is possible to see that the surge has worked.

Punch and Punch, ‘Till you Can’t Punch No More!


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