Electoral Map 9-22

I am going to keep hammering away at this. The Corporate Media has to keep this thing compelling for the next five weeks so that they can bleed it for everything it is worth. Obama is pulling away and no one is reporting it.

September 16th will be look on as the day that this election turned. Period.

A five point lead in the national polls is a blowout in the electoral college. Just keep saying that to anyone who says “Why can’t Obama close this thing out”.

It is like the Twilight Zone, they said the same damn thing about him facing Hillary Clinton. What they didn’t mention was that an Unknown, African-American, two-term senator beat the most popular political brand in America by running a completely new kind of Campaign.

John McCain has had three decades for people to become comfortable with the idea of him being President. Not to mention that he doesn’t have to fight the historical prejudices that continue to exist in this country.

To the Corporate Media, it’s not a story that Obama has overcome all of these things to lead the race for the Presidency of the United States. That is not enough of a story. The story is continually framed as: “Why isn’t Obama doing better”, or “Why won’t white people vote for Obama?”

Casual observers sometimes miss the way that these arguments are framed. That is the unspoken power of the media, the way questions are framed, the way some responses are left unchallenged.

John McCain has wooden teeth.


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