The Human Wind Mill

(For Kate)

I let this one go last week, I thought about posting it, but decided against it because I thought no one would know what I was talking about. Appearently I underestimated someone.

Last week the Milwalkee Brewers fired their dick-head manager Ned Yost and replaced him with the human wind mill, third base coach Dale Sveum.

Dale, former Boston Red Sox third base coach, famous for getting three runners gunned down at home in one game, Sveum will take over the sinking ship that is the Brewers.

When ownership contacted Sveum to inquire as to whether or not he was interested in the position, the conversation went like this:

Owner: Hi Dale, we have decided to make a change in managers.

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: We have asked Yost to step down.

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: We did Dale, he’s fired.

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: Jesus Dale, we fired him, we are asking you to take over as manager

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: We want you to lead this team on the strech run

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: Exactly, we want you to bring that playoff birth home! Glad to see you are so enthusiastic

Dale: Send ’em Home

Owner: Great Dale.


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