Johan Santana

On a cold day in December, deep in the grip of winter’s chill this Mets fan found reason to rejoice.

Eternally bumbling dofus General Manager Omar Minaya was gift-wrapped the best pitcher in baseball on a silver platter. The two main players in the Santana sweepstakes, the Yankees and Red Sox decided at the 11th hour that they were not willing to part with thier coveted prospects in exchange for the best pitcher in baseball (How many wins to Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy have this year? How’s Melky Cabrera hitting in AAA?).

What the Mets did was hand over a bundle of talented prospects and a Seven Year 136 million dollar contract for the best pitcher in baseball.

I would make the deal, and sign the contract again in a heartbeat.

Santana has been everything I hoped for and more. He has been dominant, he has been stabilizing, he has been Johan Santana.

I cannot remember the number of times that Santana has started a game that was “Must Win”. It seems like every game Johan has pitched, all season long, it was imperative that the Mets win.

All he has done is go undefeated since the All-Star Break.

All he did tonight, in a game that the Mets absolutely had to win, or else, 8 innings, 10 Strike Outs, and more pitches than he has ever thrown in his Major League career.

Nice Night Johan, thank You.

This, in a nutshell, is the difference between this year, and last year’s collapse. This year, we have Johan.

Bullpen can’t hold an 8 run lead, no problem, Johan will go the distance.

Nervous about pinch hitting for Johan, and going to the previously mentioned shaky pathetic excuse for a Major League Bull-pen, no problem, Johan can hit.

I feel infinitely more confident in the Mets right now than I did just 24 hours ago.

The next 6 days are going to be crazy, but no problem, We’ve got Johan.


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