Today’s Ray of Hope

Today’s reason to ignore the polls (by the way, today’s ABC/Washington Post Poll Obama-52 McCain-43….it’s turing into a landslide!)

But…. It may be an even bigger gap than that.

Ask yourself this question, how many 18-30 year-olds to you know what have a home phone number?

Let me say this, I am 25 and I am the only person I know in my age group with a home phone number.

Did you know that Polling agencies are not allowed to call Cell Phones. That means that anyone whose primary form of communication is thier Cell, is not being polled.

I am in college, and every single person, every last one that I have seen has a cell phone.

Multiply that by all the colleges, all over the country. All the young people all over the nation that are going to vote overwhelmingly for Obama are not being polled.

The Tide is Turning Folks!


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