The Post-Debate-Debate

I am hoping you watched, and saw what I saw. Which was President Obama facing off with a smirking, sarcastic, little, angry man who was way over matched on what is supposed to be his strong suit.

This was one of the highlights, just watch McCain here:

I thought there was no debate over who “won” this thing. Watching “Morning Joe” with Scarby this morning, the only person who thought this thing was a win for McCain was Pat Buchannon and the McCain campaign spokes liars they had on.

Keep in mind that McCain came into this thing down 9 points in the national polls, having had the worst week of his campaign, and this was his strongest suit.

He needed a big time shift in momentum. Can you honestly say that he came out of last night having succeeded in that quest?

When watching this clip, watch the Yellow line, those are GOP voters who feel positive about Obama when he starts talking about McCain getting us into war.

CBS came out with a poll last night, 37% thought Obama won, 39% thought it was a tie, and 24% thought McWooden teeth won. That means 76% thought this was at the very least a very good night for Obama.


I will say that there were times where Obama could have been a little tougher. There were clearly times where McCain was distorting the record and Obama tried to counter and Grampy just talked over him and stuck to his script. Obama did a masterful job toeing that like between passionate and “angry”.

The fact that the Lizard King (he looks reptilian to me) would not even look at him for an hour and a half was amazing.

I thought there were a few moments where McCain looked like he was counting backwards from 10 to keep his monumental temper in check.

And it was brought up again, whats the deal with his left eye. I think it is time that the man’s medical records be released.

All in all, I don’t see how last night changed much. Obama is clearly leading this thing in just about every measurable metric. The Economy is still the first thing on everyone’s minds, and that is a loss for McCain.


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