The Curse of Nomah

Before Lord Voldemort became the Lord Voldemort we know, he attempted to secure the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Tom Riddle approached Professor Dumbledore about the vacant position. Dumbledore, being much more clever than your average wizard, knew that Riddle was up to something and denied him the post.

Following this rejection, Riddle continued down the path towards becoming the worst Dark Wizard of all time. One consequence of this rejection that Dumbledore did not anticipate was that Riddle would place a curse on the position of DADA teacher, meaning no teacher would hold the position for more than a year.

Something similar has happened in Boston.

In 2004 the Boston Red Sox shocked the baseball world by trading their “Derek Jeter” to the Cubs for Scott Williamson. The Red Sox made an addional move to acquire Orlando “Frodo” Cabrera from the Expos to fill the vacant Short Stop position.

If you know baseball, you know the rest of the story. Red Sox overcome a 3-0 deficit to the Yankees in the American League Championship, essentially ending the Yankees chances at continuing their dynasty. The Sox went on to sweep the Cardinals in the World Series, thus ending their 86-year championship drought.

Nomar went to to toil through injuries and metiocrity in Chicago and Los Angeles. He does however continue to sport the best head of hair in the sport.

Like Dumbledore however, the Red Sox have faced an unexpected consquence of their decision to cut ties with their Short Stop.

The Sox have been ridiculously unable to fill the postion since Nomah’s departure.

Cabrera was allowed to leave as a free agent.

They suffered through the atrocity that was Edgar Renteria.

They paid through the nose for Julio “Crypt Keeper” Lugo, the Butcher of Barahona.

And now the Nation has turned it’s lonely eyes to…. Jed Lowrie, seriously, Jed?

I was inspired to write this watching Game One of the AL Division Series in Anahiem. Lowrie butchered a routine play that ultimately led to a run because of his error. And I thought to myself, Nomah would have had that.

The Sox, led by Terry’s hero Jon Lester were able to overcome the error and beat the Angles to take a 1-0 series lead.

But I still miss Nomah.

Quick Recap of what took place last night (I didn’t get to see much of it, I was failing a test last night).

Cubs get shelled at home, Manny is Manny, Loney Tunes hit a Granny.

Dodgers 1-0 over the Cubs.

Cole Hamels reminds me of a guy I played football with in college, and he is a good pitcher. I was waiting for Lidge to blow it. I still can picture with absolute clearity the image of Pujols rounding the bases after taking Lidge deep.

Phills 1-0 over the Brewers.

Rays/Sox tonight.


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