The Debate in a Nutshell

This was the moment of the debate that spoke to me, as a single father, a head of house, I felt this moment in my stomach.

I didn’t realize where he was going until he got there. I instantly burst into tears.

I have had to get out of bed a 3:00 am to take care of a crying child when there is no one to roll over a wake up to help me out.

I have had to go from being up all night with a sick baby, to work all day, to a night with my sick child.

I feel you Joe.

I will say only this about Palin’s “Performance”

A. She is very, very good a memorizing a few canned lines that she repeated over, and over again.

B. What the hell kind of parent keeps their infant with a disability up until 12 am to use as a prop on a stage. Disgusting.


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