Keep Going Negative Mr. Potter

I usually only post this map once a week, but I thought it was useful today seeing as Obama had possibly his single best polling day of the campaign yesterday amid a frezy of B.S. attacks.

You are a warped, twisted, frustrated old man John. This thing is slipping through your fingers and you can’t stand it.

Please read the link to the Rolling Stone Article I posted yesterday, or just google McCain Rolling Stone.

It is an eye opening piece. John McCain is not the man a lot of people have thought that he was. I will admit that even I bought into the narrative in 2000.

That simply is not who and what John McCain is.

What scares me, what keeps me awake at night is the reactions that 18 Percent-ers (those who still support our Moron In Cheif) have to these types of attacks. When you cast the man as different, When you potray him as a terrorist, you get reactions like you did yesterday at McCain/Palin rallys were it was clearly shouted “He’s a Terrorist” and “Kill Him” by people in the audience.

That is why I was so outraged when the Clinton people did the same thing during the Primary.

My only hope is that the outcome is the same.

Watch the Debate Tonight.


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