I know that Obama taking such a commanding lead in the polls has been attribued to the economic crisis. The Corporate Media has used that as the #1 reason Obama has pulled so far ahead.

I would like to present a few counter arguments. We saw something similar with the Democratic Primary as well. The longer that people had to get to know him, the more he began to pull ahead of Senator Clinton. It is fairly obvious he is of mixed race, and has a funny name. There are a lot of people who unlike me, are not immediately prepared to embrace him.

I think that the increased exposure people have had to him, as well as the time they have gotten to know (and dislike, 37% favorablity rating) The SaraCudda, has led to him pulling away.

I am not nieve enough to think that the economy has not played a huge part here.
Obama has appeared calm, cool, and providing something new and powerful.


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