That One

I would get a shirt, but I have donated like 50 dollars to MoveOn.Org in the last few weeks, they keep offering t-shirts and buttons if you donate, how can I say no.

The only problem is my shirts and buttons may not get here before The November Drubbing.

I am interested in seeing how the polls look in the next few day as the American People get a chance to get saturated with the Race-Baiting, hate speech of McWooden Teeth and The SarahCudda.


And Then There is THIS

American Research Group (The polling place that had New Hampshire correct during the Dem. Primary)

WEST VIRGINIA (Yes, that West Virginia, the one that is home to all those Hoo-Sane hating, racist Meth Addicts)


Those are today’s numbers from Fucking West Virginia. Something is happening here folks.

I am saying this right now, if on November 4th, West Fucking Virginia goes Obama, or is too close to call, We are going to be talking about one of the largest landslides in Presidential Election History.

The Tide is Turning Here.


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