Penn State is Awesome

The first BCS standings came out yesterday, no real suprises. Texas is number 1 coming off an absolute beating of Missouri. Alabama is 2 and My Lions are a solid 3.

I hate the college football bowl system. I am absolutely an advocate for a playoff. I will however conceed the point that the current system does make for a very exciting regular season.

Penn State has a major hurdle to overcome Saturday if they have national title asperations. I hate Ohio State.

Saturday Penn State played Michigan, boasting a pefect record, and I had a wedding to go to.

The last time Penn State had a perfect record, played Michigan, and I had a wedding to go to was in 2005. That Penn State team had national title asperations. I was in California. Penn State was winning, until the last play of the game. I hate Michigan.

This time, not so lucky. When I went down for the Ceremony, Penn State was losing 17-14 and history looked to be repeating itself. By the time I put back my 8th Cuervo Black and Coke (my new drink, thanks Drew), the Lions had hung 32 unanswered points on Michigan.

I am jacked about Saturday. I hate Ohio State.


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