Obama-Penn State

We are witnessing a convergence of my two favorite things. Penn State, and Obama.

I love winning. I really do. I am the guy who would play an entire season on Madden on the Rookie Level just so I could score 100 points a game. I love winning that much that it wouldn’t get boring to me. I realize how bad that sounds and I am totally OK with it. I hate losing. I love winning.

And that is exactly was Obama and Penn State are doing. The best part is, they are both doing it in the same part of the country. The Big 10.

Penn State crushed Michigan in what looked like it would be a close game.

Obama is beating McCain so badly in Michigan, which was thought to be a battle ground state, that the McCain Campaign pulled all of the resources out of the state and left it for dead.

Penn State beat Temple University like they stole something.

Obama is up by double digits in the Keystone State.

This week, my Lions travel to Columbus to take on my second least favorite college football team, Ohio State.

My Lions are favored by 3, Obama, by 12.

Illinois, a lock for Obama, his home state. A lock for Penn State, they squeezed Juice Williams and the rest of the Fighting Illini.

Wisconsin, thought to be a tough game for Penn State… NOT

Thought to be a tough state for O, THAT ONE! is up by 13.

Still on the schedule for the Lions, Indiana (Obama up 10), Iowa (Obama up 13), and Michigan State (we already talked about that one).

The point is, A. I like winning, and B. My “teams” are winning, and I love it.

The narrative in the media is going to be that Obama is too sure of himself, and that they are calling it too soon.

The FACTS ARE, that if things stay as they are, Obama is going to win in an absolute landslide.

Early voting has begun in most states. 750,000 people have voted already in North Carolina, and an estimated 56% of those voted for Obama, this is North Carolina we are talking about.

and the Results from the Big Ten poll I referenced:

Head-to-head results for individual states

Illinois Obama 61% McCain 32%

Indiana Obama 51% McCain 41%

Iowa Obama 52% McCain 39%

Michigan Obama 58% McCain 36%

Minnesota Obama 57% McCain 38%

Ohio Obama 53% McCain 41%

Pennsylvania Obama 52% McCain 41%

Wisconsin Obama 53% McCain 40%

Both Obama and Penn State have done very well outside of the the Big Ten as well.

Oregon, Obama by 13, Penn State over Oregon State by 31.

North Carolina, Obama by 9, Penn State over the Chanticleers (Ya Gotta Crow, and Ya Gotta Crow NOW!) of Coastal Carolina by by 46.

I am loving this.

And the Electoral Map from yesterday, looking very Blue:

Um, Governor Palin, I thought you said Real American’s, middle American’s, small town Americans were all for McCain. ‘Cause it sort of looks to me like Obama Nation is creeping west from New York and Pennslyvania, North from Florida, South From Virginia, and West from Oregon and California.

I smell a Mandate.



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