Why this Matters? -Family Values

Why this Matter? A question I am trying to answer. I think maybe one long windy response to that question is not appropriate. I am going to attempt to break it down into smaller sections. Here goes the first one.

Family Values

I would preface this by saying, “In my opinion”, but this is my site, so of course it is my opinion. The title is “Terry-Gilmores-Head”.

For too long, far, far too long the right wing of American politics has had a monopoly on the concept of “Family” and “Values”. I believe that those days are numbered. The portrait of the American Family is no longer a beautifully colorless canvass painted by Norman Rockwell.

No longer is the “Greatest Generation” one that is suck in a mindset that was developed during some of the darkest times in America’s history.

It is my contention that the Greatest Generation is one in which Color, or Faith, or whatever has in the past been used to divide us, no longer holds sway.

The New Greatest Generation is one that in a time of need, turns to perhaps its most capable leader. Regardless of his name, or where his father was born.

There is a theory that from Crisis comes our greatest Opportunity. An Oppertunity for Change. Real, meaningful Change.

It was during a time of Crisis, an unsettled period of American History that Barack Obama shaped his world-view.

It is during a similar time of Crisis that we need that world view more than ever.

The Fatherless has become the Father. Barack Obama has been recently accused of being too eloquent. That he is too good with words.

What Barack Obama has said to me, without speaking a word, is that all Families have Value.

We may not fit easily into a Norman Rockwell painting. We paint our picture with our own brush. And our Palette contains many more colors.

What Barack Obama says without speaking that that the child of a single parent is in no way limited in what he or she can accomplish. That the daughter of a single father and a single mother is capable of being what ever she wants to be.

What Barack Obama says to me, his lips never moving, is that a ceremony on a beach means just as much, if not more than one held in a church, or a back yard.

The Obama’s are the new portrait of an American Family, and that is why this matters.


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