How Fitting. This is my 300th post on this site. Since I started writing this earlier in the year, over 1700 times someone has stopped to see what I am thinking.

It’s fitting that this is my 300th post because this is really what it was all about. All the thinking, reading, watching, typing, crying, and laughing that I have done since this site started has been for this.

Nothing matters more than this. My daughter, her tiny finger pushing down on the switch for Obama/Biden. That, is what this has all be for.

Avi will grow up in a world that is radically different than the one that you and I did. The world changed last night.

…When in the course of human events…

Last night was a human event. We had our Gettysburg Address, we had our Declaration of Independence, We had our moment.

Now we get to choose what we do with it.

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